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ORCA is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Environmental Conservation Organization, dedicated in preserving, defending and protecting all Ocean marine life. Our Rescue Center is set up to rescue-rehab and release Cetaceans, Pinnipeds, Sharks, Manta rays, Sting rays, Manatees, Seabirds, and Sea turtles as well as all other smaller species of Ocean life, with our specialty in rescuing and rehabbing Cetaceans in the San Francisco Bay Area.


We hope that through our pursuit to rescue, protect, preserve and defend marine wildlife and their habitats that we are able to connect with people on a level that brings much needed education and awareness regarding the plight of our world's Oceans and marine life, while also trying to inform and educate on subjects such as Climate Change, Global Warming, Overfishing, By-Catch and the effects they have on the Oceans, marine life, and the environment.

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At Oceanic Rescue Center and Awareness - ORCA It is our hope that through greater awareness we can as a voice help preserve and protect all marine life. we will be addressing as well the impact of global warming and human interference has on our oceans creatures, as well as helping to bring awareness and educate the public about the issues of Captivity among Cetaceans and the fragile existence many of our marine mammals and cetaceans face in the world today.

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Here at Oceanic Rescue Center and Awareness - ORCA, It is our hope to create empathy, concern, and greater participation through our readers, to sign as well, important petitions and perhaps on occasion write letters to the appropriate 
authorities when action is needed.

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What We Do

We will be posting many informative articles but we also warn you that from time to time there will be some graphic pictures that may disturb you. yet, we seek to reveal the truth and expose the horrors many of our marine life encounter.

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Preserve and protect all marine life


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Addressing the impact of global warming

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 We try to educate on the importance of living a vegan lifestyle, while helping to rescue, protect, defend and preserve all Ocean marine life.


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